Harris Blames Low Polls On Racism & Sexism

“It’s those Old “Pasty-Ass” White Males…again. Can I get an Amen Brother Willie?”

Source: One America News Network

According to 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris, there are two reasons why she is failing to gain traction in the polls: racism and sexism. In an interview that aired on HBO Sunday, Harris said her struggling campaign comes down to electability .

Despite once being seen as a top tier candidate, she saw her numbers dive after recent debates. The former San Francisco attorney is currently in the low single digits. Harris has claimed Americans have a lack of ability to imagine a black female president.

Sen. Harris, as you may have heard, claims President Barack Obama also had to overcome obstacles related to racism. However, as we know, he was able to win the nomination, while Harris continues to slide in the wrong direction.

On the contrary, the 2020 Democrat apparently failed to show up to a recent African American event in which the president received an award for signing criminal justice reform legislation into law. President Trump took to Twitter to blast Harris for the move, saying she will never be able to do what he has for the African American community.

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump · Oct 26, 2019

Badly failing presidential candidate @KamalaHarris will not go to a very wonderful largely African American event today because yesterday I recieved a major award, at the same event, for being able to produce & sign into law major Criminal Justice Reform legislation, which will..

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump

….greatly help the African American community (and all other communities), and which was unable to get done in past administrations despite a tremendous desire for it. This and best unemployment numbers EVER is more than Kamala will EVER be able to do for African Americans! 73.2K7:18 AM – Oct 26, 2019

Harris Blames Low Polls On Racism & Sexism