Hong Kong Parking Space Sells for Almost $1 Million

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source: Bloomberg

If anyone needed further evidence of Hong Kong’s sky-high real estate prices they found it this week with news that a car parking spot sold for almost $1 million.

The space went for HK$7.6 million ($970,000), making it the most expensive place to park an automobile in the city, and perhaps anywhere in the world. The seller was Johnny Cheung Shun-yee, a businessman with a reputation for flipping property. He made around HK$900 million last year in about nine months by buying and selling floors in an office building.

The car-parking spot is actually in the same building — The Center in Central, which also happens to be the priciest office tower in the world. For the cost of the parking space, you could buy a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

“A lot of those owners in The Center are in finance or in other high-growth businesses……….. To these tycoons, it’s not a significant purchase if you compare it to the value of the office floors they own.”

Stanley Poon
Centaline Commercial

The jaw-dropping price is also another illustration of the gap in Hong Kong between the ultra rich and ordinary people. That income inequality has fueled violent protests that have rocked the city for months now and show no sign of stopping.

Parking Space in Hong Kong Just Sold for Almost $1 Million

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