The Anti-racism Event Where Whites Weren’t Allowed to Ask Questions

“Zip It Saltine! Coming to a Country and University near you soon?”

Source: The New American

Whites are to be seen (for now) and not heard is the idea. Some may draw this conclusion now that a British university has hosted an “equality” and “anti-racism” event at which whites were banned from asking questions. As the Voice of Europe reports:

The Edinburgh University has been accused of supporting ‘blatant racism’ for having hosted a supposed ‘anti-racism’ conference which banned white people from speaking.

The conference, called ‘Resisting Whiteness 2019’, took place over the weekend [Saturday] and was organized by a group which purports to oppose racism and describes itself as a QTPOC (queer and trans people of color) organization.

The event’s organizers allege that it seeks to ‘amplify the voices of people of color’ and to give ‘people of color a platform to talk’, the Telegraph reports.

According to the event’s blurb, organizers will ‘not be giving the microphone to white people during the Q&As’. Similarly, one of the two ‘safe spaces’ is reserved ‘only for people of color’, while the other is open to people who are feeling ‘overwhelmed/overstimulated or uncomfortable’.

Let not your heart be troubled, though, white people, because the blurb assures us that the prohibition is in place “not because we don’t think white people have anything to offer to the discussion,” but merely for non-whites’ benefit.

The Anti-racism Event Where Whites Weren’t Allowed To Ask Questions