Middle Class Income Grows $4100 Under Trump

But the Dipshit Dems will think this boost in personal income is all Barry’s doing!

source: Daily Mail UK

  • Economist Stephen Moore said median family incomes for the middle class is up $4,100 since Trump took office
  • Moore believes if the numbers hold up it will ‘difficult for any Democrat to beat Trump’ 
  • Under President Obama incomes rose about $1,000
  • Moore warns, though, ‘a protracted slowdown or recession’  could impact Trump’s advances for jobs and incomes 

Economist and author Stephen Moore highlighted a new study that says the middle class is getting richer, faster for President Trump than it did for recent presidents.

Moore, who helped write the 2017 tax cuts, cited a report from the Census Bureau and said: ‘Since Donald Trump was elected and took office through July of 2019, median family incomes, middle-class incomes are up $4,100.’

For the 12 months ending in July, the real median household income – those in the very middle – was $65,084.

Moore contends with such economic prosperity for households.

“If these numbers hold up, it’s going to be difficult for any Democrat to beat Donald Trump because he’s proven to be the blue-collar president.”

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore Op/Ed in Wall Street Journal

Middle class IS getting richer: Family incomes increased $4,100 since Trump took office and economist predicts it will make him tough to beat in 2020

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