Homeless LA Subway Opera Singer Lands a Job Performing in San Pedro

“Americans are the most generous people in the world. A GoFundMe set up for Emily raised over $30,000 in 24 hours.”

Source: Daily Mail

The Los Angeles homeless opera singer who gained fame overnight for her singing in a subway station has landed a performance job, and a GoFundMe page for her has raised nearly $30,000 in just 24 hours.  

Emily Zamourka, 52, has received an outpour of support and recognition after an LAPD officer took video of her singing and her hard story of emigrating from Russia to LA, busking with her violin, and ending up in the streets was revealed. 

But things are looking up for the musician thanks to the viral video and she has been invited to perform at the grand opening of Little Italy in San Pedro this weekend. 

Councilmember Joe Buscaino’s office is paying for her time, transportation, and hotel room for the gig. His office is also working to find Zamourka long-term housing.  

Zamourka moved from Russia to the US 24 years ago and ended up on the streets when she suffered serious health problems and had to pay for her medical bills.

The artist, who taught lessons in piano and violin, was forced to take up numerous jobs while busking to make ends meet.

Zamourka’s revealed that her life derailed two years ago when a vandal destroyed her violin, and with it her means of making money. ‘It was my treasure, and it was my income, too. It was everything,’ Zamourka said to ABC, adding the violin was worth $10,000. 

Homeless LA Subway Opera Singer Lands a Job Performing in San Pedro

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