Greta Goes Death Metal

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source: MSN/NBC News

Greta Thunberg’s impassioned plea at the United Nations Climate Action Summit last week excoriating world leaders took the Internet by storm. Now, a new version of the teen environmental activist’s speech — set to death metal — has gone viral.Among the fans of the adaptation? Thunberg herself.Titled “Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal,” the video, created by a musician, sets Thunberg’s speech to harsh guitar chords and distorts the 16-year-old Swedish girl’s voice into a growl.

“This is all wrong,” Thunberg roars in the video as the screen flashes different colors and drums bang.”I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back at school on the other side of the ocean.”

The music climaxes each time after Thunberg, holding back tears, asks world leaders: “How dare you?”The video, uploaded last Wednesday by user John Mollusk, had more than 3.1 million views as of Monday morning. Over the weekend, Thunberg tweeted out a link to it, joking, “I have moved on from this climate thing… From now on I will be doing death metal only!!”The creator did not immediately return a request for comment from NBC News. But in an interview last week with Rolling Stone magazine, which identified the creator as thrash-metal drummer John Meredith, he said he was prompted to make the video because he agreed with Thunberg’s perspective and also thought her searing language lent itself to metal.

“When I saw her speech, I was very impressed by her passion and outrage………… I guess I didn’t really have a specific intent other than to turn her brutal words into a metal song.”

John Meredith
Thrash-Metal Drummer

Greta Thunberg’s U.N. speech set to death metal music goes viral

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