Chernobyl Control Room Opens to Tourism

Hey, Hon! Ya know……Chernobyl is kinda nice this time of year!

Won’t I look great in one of those radiation suits!

source: Daily Mail

  • Tourists can visit the Unit 4 control room in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukranian exclusion zone 
  • Nuclear plant bosses plan on holding 21 new tourist routes for visitors to inspect where the disaster happened
  • Those taking the tours where radiation is 40,000 times normal levels will have to wear protective clothing
  • Recent HBO series Chernobyl led to increasing interest around the world in the 1986 doomed nuclear plant 

The control room at Chernobyl will open to tourists more than 30 years after the disaster – despite it still having 40,000 times the normal levels of radiation.

Visitors wearing protective suits and masks will be able to look around the Unit 4 control room in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant where the disaster began.

Rare and apocalyptic images reveal the decaying room where in 1986 the plant’s staff made a series of fatal errors then lost the battle trying to prevent the disaster.

“Leonid Toptunov who was on duty that night was my friend…… He helped to fight with the consequences. He pumped water in the ruined reactor after the explosion and died three weeks later.”

Aleksandr Novikov
Chernobyl plant’s technical director

After the release of the HBO series Chernobyl, the place became one of the most popular destination among tourists around the world.

The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management is designing the 21 new tourist routes to feed the growing interest.

One of the new routes will put tourists inside the control room where the disaster began.

The control room is in Unit 4 where the nuclear reactor exploded. The radiation in the room currently exceeds normal readings by 40,000 times.

Chernobyl control room where radiation is 40,000 TIMES the norm will open for TOURISTS – with visitors required to wear protective suits and limited to five minutes in the room

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