Woman Paints American Flags on Pallets: Raises Money for Headstones for Civil War Vets

Patriots are where ya find ’em!

source: WISN

A Milwaukee woman is transforming pallets into American flags, then using the money from sales to buy veterans headstones.

She’s donating to a program offered at Forest Home Cemetery where people can help purchase a headstone for a Civil War veteran.

There are dozens of unmarked graves at Forest Home. Veteran headstones are free of charge, but there’s a $175 installation fee.

Dawn Nadboralski wants to buy headstones for all of the Civil War veterans’ graves.

It’s why she spends almost all her free time in her father’s garage, painting American flag pallets.

“So far, I’ve painted roughly 30 and sold about 26……… I would say [it takes] at least 6 hours total probably for one flag……… I had an extremely hard time with grieving so I decided to start painting these and sell them……… My goal was to purchase one headstone by the anniversary of his death this year. By the anniversary I’d purchased three, so I was ecstatic. Now I just want to keep going, as many as I can buy until the project’s done.”

Dawn Nadboralski
Pallet Painter

She’s doing it to honor her late father, who died in 2018 and served in the Army for seven years.

If you’re interested in buying an American flag pallet or want to donate to the cause, you can contact Nadboralski through her Facebook or email her at dawn.nadboralski@gmail.com.

Woman sells American flag pallets to buy fallen veteran’s headstones

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