Dipshits and Dumbasses Attempt to Storm Area 51

When the TV crews outnumber the participants, ya know there’s somethin’ lacking in your cause!

source: Mashable

There were more news crews than alien hunters at the second attempt to “storm” Area 51’s back gates in the predawn hours of Saturday morning.

A guy with a plunger and a neck brace led the charge toward the secretive facility after hyping up a small group of us with a speech, but stopped short right before the gate.

The number of campers in Rachel, Nevada, had doubled by Friday night, but only a handful of people showed up to actually Naruto-run through the military base’s gates. More than two million people RSVP’d to the viral “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” event on Facebook. About a thousand showed up in Rachel and Hiko, two small towns in Nevada that are both hosting music festivals, to either camp in reserved sites or snag a free spot on Bureau of Land Management land.

A crowd did gather at the back gates in the middle of the night between Thursday evening and Friday morning, which was technically the morning of the 20th like the Facebook event planned. But there was some confusion among campers about when the storming was supposed to start, since so many people arrived on Friday. During the day, people trickled in and out of the 9.5 mile unmarked dirt road just off the highway, which leads to the only publicly accessible gate to Area 51. 

Led by YouTuber and professional slackliner “Reckless” Ben Schneider, Mashable joined a smaller group people as they tried to charge the gates again early Saturday morning. Some of them squeezed in the back of a U-Haul van — no, there weren’t any seats — at 2 a.m. near the entrance of Alienstock in Rachel. After a bumpy drive, we wandered around the blockaded path until 3 a.m. when Schneider tried to rouse the crowd of less than a dozen into running.

“Let’s all Naruto run in there………… Remember, they can’t catch us all!” 

“Reckless” Ben Schneider

“I dragged myself out into the freezing cold desert at 3 a.m. to watch a guy with a plunger lead less than a dozen people into storming area 51.”

Matt Nyhus,
Alienstock attendee

YouTuber and a U-Haul full of strangers: Inside the final attempt to storm Area 51

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