NT Times Forced to Revise Kavanaugh “Bombshell” Story

It NEVER ends with these jackasses at “The Times”!


source: Daily Mail

  • Early on Sunday, the New York Times published a ‘bombshell’ report describing a new sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh
  • It came from a book by two of the paper’s journalists about his college years
  • In the 1980s, he was allegedly seen thrusting his penis in an unnamed woman’s face at a party 
  • The incident was reported to police and the FBI by Max Stier, a male classmate of Kavanaugh’s but no action was ever taken 
  • The NYT journalists found out about Stier’s police report but he declined to be interviewed by them 
  • The woman at the center of the claim also declined to speak to them 
  • Her friends told the newspaper’s journalists that she did not remember the alleged assault
  • But the NYT first version of the story left those two crucial details out
  • Democrats cited the report as reason for Kavanaugh to be impeached  
  • Now, President Trump is encouraging the Supreme Court justice to sue 

The New York Times has been hit with backlash for revising its ‘bombshell’ article describing ‘new’ sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh to include the fact that the alleged victim does not remember the apparent assault and declined to be interviewed about it.  

The NYT published its story in the early hours of Sunday morning based on claims made by Max Stier, a former male classmate of Kavanaugh’s at Yale. 

Two of the newspaper’s reporters – an arts writer and Wall Street reporter –  discovered, from an unnamed official, that Stier reported seeing an apparent assault at a dorm party in the 1980s. He said Kavanaugh had his pants down and that his classmates then pushed his penis into a woman’s face. 

They included his claim in a book they have written about Kavanaugh’s college years which will be released on Tuesday.  

Both Stier – who has been on the opposing side of legal cases from Kavanaugh before and who worked for Bill Clinton – declined to be interviewed, as did the woman at the heart of his claim.

What’s more, her friends told the NYT journalists that she does not even remember the apparent incident.

Those key details however did not make their way into the excerpt of the book that was published online. The newspaper amended the online story later on Sunday, after someone who had seen an advance copy of the book flagged the omission.  

By then, Democrats including Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had called for Kavanaugh to be impeached, saying the new report fueled the allegations against him.

President Trump – a vocal enemy of the NYT – has since intervened to defend Kavanaugh and encourage him to sue for libel, calling the debacle a ‘disgrace’. 

It is the latest in a string of incidents the newspaper has apologized for, most of which have involved the outlet criticizing the president.  

F’n A!…… President Trump!!!!

F’n A!!!!

N New York Times is forced to revise ‘bombshell’ story detailing sexual misconduct claims against Brett Kavanaugh to say the accuser has NO memory of alleged assault at a dorm party in the 1980s and REFUSED to be interviewed

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