Trump Knocks Federal Reserve: “Boneheads”

The Fed has been in question for a very long time.

source: The Hill

President Trump in an early morning tweet on Wednesday knocked the “boneheads” at the Federal Reserve, calling for interest rates of “Zero, or less.”

Trump has frequently attacked the central bank and pressured it to lower interest rates.

Last month, the president said he would not prevent Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell from resigning if he wanted to and called him an “enemy.”

“Do I want him to resign? Let me put it this way: If he did, I wouldn’t stop him.”

President Donald Trump

The president later blamed the central bank for a recent slowdown in manufacturing, a key sector he promised to revive as a candidate.

Trump knocks ‘boneheads’ at Federal Reserve, says interest rates should be ‘zero, or less’

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