UN Head of Global Communications: ‘America Has No Right to Protect Its Own Borders’

This idjit is the person that Ilhan Omar wants to be in charge of our southern border. BTW, shes an American.

Source: Natural News

For the better part of Western existence, most people have understood one basic principle of statehood: That countries are sovereign, and as such, they have a right and even a duty to protect the integrity of their borders.

That means if necessary, they can and should build barriers, pass laws against illegal entry, and enforce those laws against anyone caught breaking them.

As noted by Summit News, U.N. global communications chief Melissa Fleming wrote on Facebook that “the right to seek asylum is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & was made binding by the 1951 Refugee Convention.”

As such, she added, “It is never a crime to seek asylum in another country even if one enters a country irregularly.”

Notice how she couldn’t bring herself to use the word “illegally.” Because, again, there is no such thing as ‘illegal entry’ into a country in her mind.

“Globalists Obama, Kerry and Clinton were attempting to give away American Sovereignty at every opportunity. Fortunately for us, President Trump shredded most of that crap.”

The UN Head of Global Communications Says America Has No Right to Protect Its Own Borders

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