Houston Immigration Activist Detained by Agents After Inviting ICE to Town Hall

Sweet karma! Convicted and deported felon who returned to the U.S. and became an “immigration activist”. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Source: Washington Examiner

A Houston community organizer was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday after inviting the agency to a community event where he had planned to discuss worries about President Trump’s immigration raids.

The Houston Chronicle reported that 40-year-old Roland Gramajo, a father of five, organized a town hall last month to talk about the raids with Democratic Texas Rep. Sylvia Garcia. He extended an invitation to ICE representatives, who declined to attend.

Three weeks after the event, Gramajo was detained on Sept. 5 by immigration agents while on his way to work. In a statement, the agency said Gramajo had been deported to Guatemala in 2004 but committed a felony by illegally returning to the United States. His deportation order was reinstated after his arrest.

Gramajo immigrated to the U.S. in 1994 with his mother and they settled in Houston. He met his future wife while attending a Houston high school.

But a prank that Gramajo and his classmates played on a friend by taking the teenager’s car for a ride led school district police to charge Gramajo with burglary of a vehicle. The infraction followed Gramajo until he was eventually deported after he was stopped for a minor traffic violation.

Gramajo returned to the U.S. just a few months later and quickly became a highly regarded community activist in Houston, specifically advocating for Guatemalan immigrants.

Adios, pendejo!

Gramajo is currently being held in a federal detention facility in the Houston area. He faces a 20-year ban from the U.S. and immediate deportation. He will only be eligible to have the ban waived by the U.S. government after spending 10 years in exile.

Houston Immigration Activist Detained by Agents After Inviting ICE to Town Hall

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