Heroes on Jet Skis Rescue 100 People Who Were Trapped in Flooded Homes in the Bahamas

Feel Good Story of the Day: These guys were volunteers. Catastrophes can bring out the best in good people.

Source: Daily Mail

Brave Bahamians on jet skis rescued 100 people who were left trapped in their flood-ravaged homes by the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian this past week. One of those rescued was a government official, Michael Pintard.

Pintard, the country’s minister of agriculture and marine resources, and his family – his wife and their 6-year-old daughter – were on the second floor of their Freeport home as waters kept rising up the stairs on Tuesday.

With the windows of the home shattered and the front door blown off, the family saw no way out. It was then that in the distance the faint sound of jet skis could be heard, Pintard told CNN.

Three men on two jet skis appeared just in time to rescue the family.

But the drama didn’t end there. After the family got on the jet skis, it was anything but a smooth ride to safety. ‘We thought it would pretty much be a routine ride out, but the waves were still pretty strong, and the wind was fairly high,’ Pintard said.

‘We capsized …, my wife and I, at least twice…My daughter capsized on a jet ski as well.’ The jet skis could not support the weight of the three rescuers and the family of three.

Heroes on Jet Skis Rescue 100 People

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