Marianne Williamson Deletes Tweet: Suggests “Power of the Mind” Could Turn Dorian Back to Sea

Ya can’t make up this kinda shit!

Can you imagine if a Republican would had said something this asinine?

Last week the fake news media tried to tie Trump to the idea of nuking the storm….. citing “sources”!!!

source: CBS News

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson came under a barrage of criticism Wednesday after she sent, and later deleted, a tweet about how “creative use of the power of the mind” might affect Hurricane Dorian

The tweet was captured in screenshots by several Twitter users and went viral. The full tweet read as follows: 

“The Bahamas, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas…may all be in our prayers now. Millions of us seeing Dorian turn away from land is not a wacky idea; it is creative use of the power of the mind. Two minutes of prayer, visualization, meditation for those in the way of the storm.”

Marianne Williamson

After Williams deleted the tweet, several people called her out for a nonsensical suggestion that “mind power” could somehow affect the path of the hurricane, which is slowly making its way up the East Coast after devastating the islands of the Bahamas.

“This deleted tweet by @marwilliamson needs to be spread far and wide……………No one who thinks that ‘power of the mind’ kept a hurricane away from Florida is fit to be president. And it seems she thinks Bahamians didn’t pray enough? Racist much?”

Chrissy Stroop
Writer/Podcast Host

When journalist Yashar Ali pointed out that Williamson had deleted the tweet, she fired back.

M Marianne Williamson deletes tweet suggesting “power of the mind” could turn Hurricane Dorian away from land

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