Dierks Bentley Ticketed for Fishing Without a License

C’mon!….This is ‘Merica!

What’s the world comin’ to when ya can just go fishin’?

You know there is a song here just waitin’ to be written!

source: CBS News

Country star Dierks Bentley was busted for fishing without a license in Colorado. Bentley tweeted a video where he addresses fellow country musician Luke Bryan and admits he received a ticket for his troubles.

In the video, Bentley is sitting in the passenger seat of a patrol car as the officer sits next to him giving him the citation. 

Prior to that, Bentley posted a photo where he appears smiling and holding a fish he caught while fishing at Seven Peaks Music Festival in Buena Vista.

D Dierks Bentley ticketed for fishing in Colorado without a license

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