Pink Emoji House for Sale

$1.75 Million!

Pissin’ match over the paint job!

Only in California!

source: MSN Lifestyle

  • controversial pink “emoji house” in Manhattan Beach has gone on sale.
  • The property made headlines after its owner gave it an eye-catching paint job, seemingly as a response to neighbors’ complaints about her renting it out on Airbnb.
  • It’s now being listed for $1,749,000.
  • Local realtors say some neighbors have inquired about buying the property, and not all are outraged by its current appearance.

controversial hot pink “emoji house” in Manhattan Beach, southern California is up for sale for the princely sum of $1,749,000.

The home sparked headlines across the world after its owner painted the exterior a vibrant shade of pink with two huge emoji faces on the walls, as Easy Reader News first reported.

Although Kathryn Kidd claims the paint job was designed “to send a message to be happy,” her neighbors saw it as an “F-U to the rest of the street” after they reported her for illegally renting the two-floor duplex out on Airbnb. 

P Pink ’emoji house’ has gone on sale for $1.7 million in California after angering neighbors with its controversial makeover

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