Marianne Williamson Proposes Department of Peace


Stands about as much chance of becoming reality as Williamson does of becoming POTUS!

source: MSN

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on Monday unveiled details of her plan to create a peace-building agency to focus on ending violence following decades of U.S. military conflict and an uptick in mass shootings.

In her announcement, the spiritual author called for a “Department of Peace” to spur peace initiatives domestically and abroad.

“I believe our country’s way of dealing with security issues is increasingly obsolete………We have the finest military force in the world, however, we can no longer rely on force to rid ourselves of international enemies……… The planet has become too small for that, and in so doing, we overburden our military by asking them to compensate for the other work that we choose not to do, and we are less effective, and less secure, because of our choices.”

Marianne Williamson
Democratic Presidential Candidate

The main duties of the proposed agency would be promoting justice and democratic principles, she said, expanding human rights, working to avert armed conflict, ending gun violence, addressing white supremacy and promoting conflict mediation and resolution.

Last month, Williamson criticized the U.S. budget for peace-building agencies, which she said gets $1 billion of the $40 billion given to the State Department. Throughout her campaign, she has vowed to defeat President Trump with a politics of “love.”

M Marianne Williamson announces plan to create ‘Department of Peace’

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