Joseph Kennedy III Eyeballing Massachusetts Senate Seat

The Kennedys are like Herpes…..

….Except they NEVER go away and are much less treatable

source: MSN

Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III of Massachusetts is considering a primary challenge next year against Sen. Edward J. Markey, according to a senior Democratic official. Such a race could substantially alter the state’s political landscape and has the potential to elevate a fourth member of a Democratic dynasty to the Senate.

Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, had publicly indicated that he intended to run for reelection next year. But in a conversation this week with the Democratic official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private deliberations, Kennedy, 38, said that he was weighing a campaign against Markey, 73, and would decide in the coming weeks.

A contest between the two Massachusetts lawmakers could become the nation’s most high-profile primary race and would represent another test of the Democratic Party’s old guard. And while Kennedy and Markey are both committed progressives, the race would amount to a generational showdown between a scion of the state’s most famous family and a more than four-decade-long fixture of Massachusetts politics.

“We think Congressman Kennedy should run for the United States Senate not simply to oppose any person or because his last name is Kennedy…… The congressman should run because our country is vulnerable, and he has demonstrated that he has the energy, courage, and progressive ideas to fight for the Commonwealth and put our nation on a more just course.”

Jump in, Joe!
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J Joseph Kennedy III Considering Senate Run

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