Israel Caves: Allows Tlaib to Enter West Bank: UPDATE!

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I guess she wants to visit grandma!

And that qualifies as a humanitarian visit.


Now she won’t go…… Oppression or sumpthin’!

S Should She Stay or Should She Go?

source: CBS/Reuters

Israel said Friday that it had received and granted a request by U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib to visit the West Bank on humanitarian grounds. The move comes a day after the Israeli government said it would bar Tlaib and another Democratic congresswoman, who support a Palestinian-led boycott movement over Israel’s policies in the Palestinian territories, from entering the country.

Israeli media said earlier on Friday that the government was mulling Tlaib’s request to visit the West Bank, where she has family, and that it could require her to agree to preconditions for the visit.

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said in a statement on Friday that Tlaib had asked to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the West Bank. In a letter published by Deri’s office, Tlaib said she would respect any restrictions and would “not promote boycotts” during her visit.

I Israel says Rep. Rashida Tlaib can visit grandmother after promising “not promote boycotts” on humanitarian visit

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