Antonio Brown Shit Show Continues: Owes Chef $38K

As the Shit Show Turns…. Starring Antonio Brown!….. Welcome to today’s exciting new episode!

He’s the AOC of the NFL!

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source: USA Today

Another day, another different Antonio Brown story line to follow. 

Celebrity chef Stefano Tedeschi filed a lawsuit against Brown on July 29 in Osceola (Florida) County court for a breach of contract. The chef alleges the Oakland Raiders wide receiver did not pay him for a weekend’s worth of work that totaled $38,521.20, according to court documents. 

Tedeschi, who goes by “The Sports Chef,” told ESPN on Wednesday that Brown hired him to prepare three meals a day for multiple guests at the Orlando-area mansion he rented for the 2018 Pro Bowl. 

The lawsuit alleges Tedeschi began cooking for Brown on Jan. 26, with breakfast and lunch for 15 guests and a dinner that night for “approximately 43 people.” Breakfast and lunch were prepared the following day, but Tedeschi’s suit says Brown demanded he and his staff leave the house without allowing him to serve the lunch or retrieve his equipment. 

A As the Shit Show Turns…. Starring Antonio Brown!….. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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