August is Meteor Month

(Photo by Babek Tafreshi/SSPL/Getty Images)

Perseid Meteor Shower to peak Tuesday!


August is regarded as “meteor month,” boasting one of the best displays of the year: the 2019 Perseids, the most famous of all showers. 

These meteors never fail to provide an impressive display, and due to the shower’s summertime appearance, the Perseids tend to provide the majority of meteors seen by nonastronomy enthusiasts. This year, the shower will peak in the predawn hours of Tuesday, Aug. 13. 

Unfortunately, prospective meteor watchers will face a major stumbling block this year, because the moon will be at a waxing gibbous phase at that time (the satellite will turn full on Thursday, Aug. 15). This means the moon will seriously hamper viewing of this year’s Perseid display; bright moonlight will flood the sky for almost the entire night, playing havoc with any serious attempts to see meteors. The moon will no doubt wash out all but the brightest of these swift streaks, which will appear to emanate from the northeast part of the sky.

Were there no bright moon to interfere, a single observer in a location free of any bright lights and with a wide-open view of the sky would see anywhere from 50 to 100 meteors per hour. Those who live in big cities or brightly lit suburbs would of course, see much less.

P Perseid Meteor Shower to Rock the August Sky!

Calamity Jane