Trump Rebukes Reporter

Trump kicked some media ass today!

This entire “Russia” mess needs to be OVER!


source: Newsweek

President Donald Trump lashed out at reporters for asking him questions about former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony in Congress today and whether he was worried that he could be indicted after leaving office.

During a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, the president rebuked reporters for asking him questions related to Mueller’s testimony. When NBC’s Hallie Jackson mentioned that Mueller had said that Trump could be indicted after leaving office, the president replied by declaring that she had asked “a very dumb and unfair question.”

“When you saw Robert Mueller’s statement. The earlier statement, and then he did a recap. He did a correction later on in the afternoon……….. And you know what that correction was, and you still ask the question. You know why, because you’re fake news, you’re one of the worst………The fact that you even ask that question. You’re fake news because you know what, he totally corrected himself in the afternoon and you know that just as well as anybody.”

President Donald Trump

Trump lashes out at NBC reporter….. Gives her a “what for”.

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