Collision: Van with $140 Million in Meth vs Police Car

Outside a Police station!

Karma bites the bad guy on the ass!

I’d love to see this accident report on this little fender bender!

source: MSN/AFP

Australian authorities have uncovered a US$140 million stash of amphetamines after an alleged criminal’s run-in with the law saw his drug-filled van crash into an officer’s car outside a police station.

Security camera footage released on Tuesday showed a white van ploughing into the front of a vehicle parked outside a suburban Sydney police station before speeding off down the street.

Police said the alleged 26-year-old driver was pulled over about an hour later, less than a 10-minute drive away from the accident scene.

The van was said to be packed with moving boxes containing 237 kilograms (523 pounds) of methylamphetamine, an illegal drug commonly known as “ice’, with a total estimated street value of AUS$200 million.

Australia has a growing problem with meth, with a government report released last year showing the country has proportionally more users than most nations.

The van driver has been charged with large commercial drug supply, negligent driving, and not giving particulars to police.

Van with $140m of meth smashes into police car

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