Scaramucci Disinvited From FLA GOP Fundraiser: Calls Trump’s Tweets Racist

Calamity Jane forgot all about this clown!

This guy is a scumbag of the highest magnitude.

What the HELL did Trump ever see in him?

source: Salon

Anthony Scaramucci, the financier who lasted 11 days as President Donald Trump’s White House communications director before being fired, was disinvited from a Florida Republican fundraiser after he denounced Trump’s “racist and unacceptable” tweets directed at a group of newly-elected congresswomen of color.

“He suggested that the president’s comments were racist and that he was becoming a racist. Our board was infuriated……..We believe the tweets were not racist, the President is not racist and that Scaramucci’s comments were unfair ”

Michael A. Barnett
Palm Beach County GOP Chairman

“I am sorry that I was cancelled. Mike Barnett must like and condone racist comments. Someone with more courage and less political expediency would call it for what it is and ask it to stop.”

Anthony Scaramucci
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Remember the leaks coming from the Trump White House at that time in which this dipshit was Trump’s Communications Director?….. Hmmmmmmm……Do ya think?

Just asking for a friend!

Scaramucci shit canned from FLA GOP fundraiser

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