A Crisis in Queens: It Is Called AOC

Republican New York businesswoman, Scherie Murray, announces her candidacy for New York’s 14th Congressional District in 2020.

Calamity Jane is interrupting the ban on all things AOC for this story!

“There’s a crisis in Queens and it’s called AOC. She isn’t worried about us – she’s worried about being famous. That’s why I’m running for Congress……. She thinks public service is not about serving the public, but herself. If you think you deserve better, then you’re just like me.”

Scherie Murray
Candidate for NY’s 14th Congressional District

source: Yahoo Lifestyle

That’s why Murray says she’s launching a campaign to unseat the progressive 29-year-old congresswoman in 2020. So who exactly is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s bold Republican challenger?

Murray was born in Jamaica and moved to New York City at nine years old. Growing up in Southeast Queens, she became heavily embedded in the city.

After starting out as a system analyst intern for an NYC MTA bus depot, she eventually went on to start a TV and production advertising company which — according to her website — helped expand opportunities for minorities in media.

Murray later became district leader and state committee woman of the 29th Assembly District in Queens, N.Y. for the New York Republican State Committee. Now, she wants to take her fight to Congress, announcing her intentions to run for Ocasio-Cortez’s seat in 2020.

Throw down in the Bronx!…….AOC has a Challenger!

Calamity Jane