The “Stones” Making a Comeback

Not those Stones!

The Flintstones!

source: Deadline

Warner Bros. Animation continues to mine its vault of classic titles for reboots. The company has teamed with Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions to develop a new Flintstones primetime animated adult comedy series.

The project, which is based on an original idea, will be featuring characters from the classic Hanna-Barbera series The Flintstones, which aired from 1960-1966 and spawned a live-action movie franchise. The new animated comedy, which is in very early stages of development, will be produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

There is no network yet but WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming platform HBO Max is a logical destination. HBO Max also is home of Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming Gremlins prequel series. WBA’s other upcoming reboot, Animaniacs, is at Hulu.


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