Lunatic Left Boycotts Home Improvement Giant

WHY?…. Because one of the founders, Bernie Marcus is a Trump supporter and has donated to The President’s first campaign and plans to donate to Trump’s re-election.

Marcus retired as Home Depot chairman in 2002.

Also doesn’t seem to matter that Marcus is planning to give 90% of his $4.5 billion to charity.

But it is OK for the Hollywood left to donate millions to Barry’s election and re-election campaigns.

source: Market Watch

Helping to make America great again has become this retired Home Depot co-founder’s own DIY project.

Billionaire Bernie Marcus recently made headlines by sharing that he plans to give 80% to 90% of his wealth (estimated at $4.53 billion by Bloomberg, or $5.8 billion by Forbes) to charity when he dies. But the former Home DepotHD, +0.69%   chairman also revealed in the same Atlanta Journal-Constitution interview that he will be donating to Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, as well. Indeed, he donated $7 million to help elect Trump in 2016, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

And now some enraged customers on social media say they are boycotting the home-improvement chain’s stores, which does about $108 billion in annual sales. They claim to be cutting up their Home Depot cards, and say they plan to shop at competitors like Lowe’s LOW, +0.42%  and Menards, under the hashtag #BoycottHomeDepot. They have also responded to unrelated posts on Home Depot’s official Twitter TWTR, -0.38% account with comments like “just say no to Home Depot” and “I will rot in the bowels of hell before I give one penny to @HomeDepot again.”

Former Home Depot chairman to donate 90% of fortune to charity.

Lunatic leftists try to organize boycott of Home Depot.

Calamity Jane