Marianne Williamson: WHO?

Who in the bloody HELL is Marianne Williamson and does anyone give a flying FUCK that she’s running for the Democratic nomination for POTUS?


Nearly half an hour went by during Thursday’s Democratic debate before Marianne Williamson even had the chance to speak. In total, Williamson talked for roughly five minutes onstage in Miami, placing her among the group of presidential hopefuls who had the least amount of airtime during the first debates of the 2020 campaign.

So, how did the 66-year-old author and self-help guru, whom actress Gwyneth Paltrow has called a “spiritual legend,” end up as the night’s most-Googled candidate and one of the top trending terms on Twitter?

Her campaign says it’s because she brought something new to the table.

“Her message is very different………..What you saw to the left of her was a sea of blue suits. They all pretty much said the same thing with a little bit of difference.”

Patricia Ewing
Williamson’s Communications Director

Many viewers, however, who likely were seeing Williamson for the first time, were equally charmed and baffled by the author, and the internet and late-night shows both exploded with reactions to her appearance.

So…… Gwyneth Paltrow called Williamson a “spiritual legend”?

Oakie-dokie!…….I guess that qualifies her to be POTUS!


Marianne WHO??????

Calamity Jane