New Fat Fighter: Coffee?

Another coffee study?

Didn’t we read about some kind of coffee study not too long ago?

WTF?……… 25 cups a day?

source: USA Today

A new study has suggested a link between coffee and the activation of fat fighters in your body.

Michael Symonds, a professor at the University of Nottingham and co-director of the study, said researchers found that coffee can stimulate what’s known as brown fat. 

“Brown fat is a unique organ that is used for producing heat. It’s present in quite small amounts in the body.”

Michael Symonds
University of Nottingham

Brown fat cells are the body’s internal fat fighters, the University of Nottingham said in a news release. When the body produces heat, it uses energy, thus burning calories. This is the first study that shows a cup of coffee can impact how brown fat functions, Symonds said in the release.

Brown fat, or brown adipose tissue, impacts how quickly one’s body burns calories. This type of tissue was thought, in the past, to exist only in hibernating mammals and babies, the university said.

However, it has been found in human adults, too. People with a lower body mass index have more brown fat than people with a higher body mass index, according to the university. The study was published in Scientific Reports.

Coffee could help drop “excessive poundage”!

Calamity Jane