Houdini Wannabe Feared Dead

source: CBS News

An Indian magician who went missing after being lowered into a river while tied up with chains and ropes in a Houdini-inspired stunt is feared drowned, police said Monday. Chanchal Lahiri, known by his stage name “Jadugar Mandrake” (Wizard Mandrake), was lowered by winch into the river in Kolkata on Sunday in a yellow and red costume.

But the 40-year-old, his legs and his arms tightly bound, failed to emerge from the water, to the horror of onlookers including his family and team members. Rescue workers have been scouring the fast-flowing murky waters since Sunday but he was yet to be found, Syed Waquar Raza from the river traffic police told AFP.

“If I do it right, it’s magic. If I make a mistake, it becomes tragic.”

Chanchal Lahiri
aka “Wizard Mandrake”

Looks like it became “tragic”. </sarc>

Caged Indian escape artist Chanchal Lahiri waves to the crowd before being lowered into the Hooghly river from Calcutta’s Howrah Bridge February 24, 2002. Lahiri escaped from the locked cage about 15 seconds after it was submerged. REUTERS/Jayanta Shaw JS/JD

File this story under “Dipshits and Dumbasses”!

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