WTF? Pride Flag on a Pickup Truck?

That just ain’t right!

Maybe on a KIA or a Prius……But a Pickup truck?

source: USA Today

Cody Barlow missed the Pride parade in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but he didn’t miss the chance to show his support as an LGBTQ ally. 

“Not all country boys are bigots … Happy Pride Month” reads the back of Barlow’s truck. Barlow decorated the truck with duct tape in the design of the Pride flag and used mailbox letters to spell out his message.

“It wasn’t anything in particular about this year or this Pride month………… A lot of things had come together over the years, it was a factor of me learning about the community from when I was younger until now…….. I wanted to reach the people that need this, who are struggling or hopeless and give them a little hope and reason to keep going………… Especially younger ones going through middle and high school. I think they deal with it the most being on a level where superficial things seem to matter more, while you’re figuring out place in life……… I live in a rural area in Oklahoma surrounded by small towns in every direction, and I’m sure this is not a very welcome message around here, but this is going to be displayed on my truck for the entire month of June in support of pride month.”

Cody Barlow

Barlow wrote that he identifies as a heterosexual male and he has had family members and friends open up to him about their sexuality and their experiences. However, those interactions aren’t all that inspired him to make a statement. 

I repeat…..WTF?

Cody is gonna get his country ass good and kicked if he ain’t careful!

Calamity Jane