Zombie Snakes in NC!

RUN!….. It’s a zombie snake apocalypse!

source: Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer

 Beware of seemingly dead snakes in North Carolina.

There are six venomous species to fear in the state, including rattlesnakes and copperheads. But it’s one of the seemingly harmless nonvenomous species that is unpredictable enough to count as a “zombie snake,” according to a June 6 post by the N.C. Department of Parks and Recreation.

The eastern hognose snake, which grows up to 4 feet, is “famous” for playing dead when the mood strikes it, the parks department said. They are nonvenomous and rarely bite, but could be brutal for the faint of heart when miraculously springing back to life.

The state’s post featured multiple photos of the snake flipped over on its back, looking perfectly dead.

Zombie Snake Apocalypse

Calamity Jane