Online Retailer ASOS Takes Heat for “Boob Tubes” and “Crop Tops” for Men

You gotta be shittin’ me!

Ya know………The guy who buys one of these and thinks he’s the coolest better be prepared for an ass kickin’!

source: MSN Lifestyle

ASOS is being ridiculed on Twitter for selling crop tops and boob tubes for men.

Crop tops are normally the reserve of teenage girls, while boob tubes are a trend we were glad to leave in the Nineties.

But it looks like the polarising trend have made a comeback in the men’s fashion – at least, if ASOS’ latest offerings are anything to go by.

The online retailer is selling the tops, which are part of its Reclaimed Vintage collection, for £15.

“……extreme cropped top with long sleeves boasts a slim fit and crew neck. Team with jeans and you’re good to go.” 

ASOS listing

Pics from the world wide web of this “fashion” trend.

Like my Grand Dad used to say…..”If everyone was wearing a pile of shit on top of their hat, would you?”

I guess lil’ ol’ Calamity Jane just ain’t that hip to fashion!

ASOS selling “Boob Tubes” and “Crop Tops” for men

Calamity Jane