Nudist Blogger Skinny Dips in Sacred Colombian Lagoon

And a local environmentalist is pissed because Miss Au Naturel took a swim!


A nudist travel blogger has been accused of desecrating a sacred lagoon after she posted racy photos of her in the water at a Colombian nature reserve.  

Tatiana Reyes posed with her backside to the camera and her arms outstretched in the water at Paramo de San Turban in the department of Norte de Santander.

Other racy snaps showed her beneath a waterfall with nothing but her hands to cover her breasts.

Local environmentalist Cesar Rodriguez – who is in charge of keeping the reserve clean – said she had disrespected the site and ‘only does it for the popularity.’

“We condemn the incident because these are sacred lands, for everyone from Santander to enjoy, and this shows a lack of respect for the natural world that we are trying to take care of.”

Cesar Rodriguez
Local Environmentalist

Sorry…… The obligatory tune must be played!

Nude blogger does some skinny dippin’!

Calamity Jane