Ohio: Medical Marijuana Gummies Now Available

source: The Center Square

Medical marijuana in the form of gummy candies is now available in some dispensaries in Ohio.

“The manner in which the medication enters the body can determine its onset of action, the duration of its effect, or possibly its overall effectiveness…………. Some patients may prefer one form over another, or they may find one to be more effective. For example, someone who is using medical cannabis to combat extreme nausea might find that a pill or edible product may not be as effective because they are likely to throw it up due to their condition.”

Mason Tvert
Marijuana Policy Project

The cost to patients is $80 for 11 gummies, according to Cincinnati.com. Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC. Medical marijuana in Ohio is still in its early stages and not all dispensaries have every form of medical marijuana available for sale.

Medical marijuana gummie candy now available in Ohio

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