Dog and Deer Play Tag: Too Funny!

TAG! You’re it!

CAUTION! High cuteness factor!

source: Fox News

Florida man captured video of his rescue dog making a new — and unlikely — best friend this week.

Ethan Cole was watching his German Shepherd, Ike, race along the fence around his mother’s Lakewood Ranch backyard. He then noticed a deer on the other side, running along with Ike in a game of tag.

The two animals chase each to one end of the yard and back again several times over the almost 2-minute video. A second pup, a pug, almost gets run over by the excited dog.

“I watched them for a while before I thought to start videotaping……….. It was really fun to watch. That deer could have taken off into the woods at any time. They were clearly enjoying each other.”

Ethan Cole

Calamity Jane