Peyton Manning to Open High End Watering Hole in Vol-Land

Gonna be called Saloon 16.

And……No! ….It ain’t gonna be in “Omaha”!

It’ll be in Knoxville!

Shoulda called it Peyton Place!

source: TMZ

In Tennessee and looking for a classy place to booze up while feeling like you’re in a country western movie??

Peyton Manning clearly knows the feeling … and is fixing the issue — by opening up a “high-end watering hole” in Knoxville in 2020!!!

The QB and Graduate Hotels announced Thursday they’re building a “western-inspired” bar and restaurant near University of Tennessee’s campus.

The name of the place? Saloon 16 … a homage to Manning’s nickname, “The Sheriff,” as well as the No. 16 jersey he wore when he was a star with the Volunteers.

It’s supposed to be an awesome spot — complete with dartboards, jukeboxes, a piano and an outdoor dining area.

Graduate Hotels says the place will open its doors in the spring of 2020.


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