Facebook Slammed: Bans Breast Cancer Advertisement

Facebook SUCKS!!!

How does Facebook still have any users left?

source: DailyMail

Facebook has been slammed for banning a breast cancer advertisement that featured topless survivors.

The Breast Cancer Network of Australia (BCNA) was ready to launch a campaign on Thursday, featuring half-naked survivors holding pink cupcakes to their chests.  

In a last minute decision, Facebook banned the images despite earlier approving the campaign.

According to the BCNA, the decision was made because the photographs violated the social media site’s partial nudity policy.

“We certainly understand that the ads are promoting awareness for breast cancer, however the images associated with the ad are in violation of our policies for partial nudity.”


“That’s not nudity, it’s joyful and it’s ridiculous that they would stop and look at something like that.”

Outraged Cancer Survivor


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