PA Turnpike’s Worst Toll Evader: $128K in Unpaid Tolls and Fines

Jarrett Stiff, 36, of Trevose, PA racked up nearly $128,000 in unpaid tolls……. and ……Wait for it!……..

“Stiff” fines!

source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennsylvania’s most egregious toll evader now has a criminal record and a long road ahead to pay off his debt to the Turnpike Commission.

He and two others whose Bucks County cases were resolved this week are the latest examples of the Turnpike Commission’s aggressive new approach to pursuing toll scofflaws.

Jarrett Stiff, 36, of Trevose in suburban Philadelphia, didn’t pay for trips on the Pennsylvania Turnpike 2,264 times between 2012 and 2017, more than anyone else in the state, according to turnpike records. He accumulated $127,967.40 in unpaid tolls and subsequent fines.

He pleaded guilty to theft of services and, as part of his agreement at his sentencing in April, was ordered to pay $11,504. He made a down payment of $3,500 and entered a three-year repayment plan of $275 a month. He was sentenced to five years’ probation.

“Individuals are committing this offense thinking there are no repercussions for it…………There are hardworking taxpayers who pay their fair share. Individuals should be held accountable.”

Jovin Jose
Bucks County Assistant District Attorney

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