10 Year Old Girl Born Without Hand Wins Handwriting Competition

source: MSN/Washington Post

Sara Hinesley, 10, doesn’t understand why it’s so remarkable that she won a national handwriting competition.

She paints and draws and sculpts clay. She can write in English and some Mandarin. When she learned to write in cursive this year, Sara said, she thought it was “kind of easy.”

Never mind the fact that Sara was born without hands.

“She has this independent streak where she just knows that she can do it and she’ll figure out her own way………… She is beautiful and strong and mighty just the way she is, and she just lives that way. She really does.”

Cathryn Hinesley
Sara’s Mom

“I have never heard this little girl say, ‘I can’t…………. She’s a little rock star. She tackles absolutely everything you can throw at her, and she gives it her best.”

Cheryl Churilla

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