Atlanta Meteorologist Issues Tornado Warning During Masters: Receives Death Threats

Ella Dorsey Credit: CBS 46

DO NOT DISTURB!…….. Golf is serious shit!

source: Yahoo Lifestyle

An Atlanta-based meteorologist was just doing her job on Sunday when she gave an emergency weather broadcast to update people on tornado watches around Georgia during coverage of the Masters Tournament. But some viewers reportedly think it wasn’t her responsibility to interrupt their golf-watching with the pertinent news. In fact, they think that she was “pretentious” for doing so.

Ella Dorsey from CBS 46 took to Twitter to call out the viewers who were sending her inappropriate messages to express their frustration over her interruption. Some, she wrote, even sent her death threats.

“To everyone sending me death threats right now: You wouldn’t be saying a damn thing if a tornado was ravaging your home this afternoon……….Lives are more important than 5 minutes of golf…….
I will continue to repeat that if and when we cut into programming to keep people safe ”

Ella Dorsey

BTW….Ella is a Certified Meteorologist with a seal from the American Meteorological Society….. Most TV weather people are NOT!

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