Real Life Barbie: No Time for Friends

No problemo, bitch….er…..Barbie!

source: Fox News via Lucy Devine/The Sun

A “real-life doll” who dresses only in pink and wants to change her surname to Barbie claims living as a “doll” has left her without any friends.

The mother, who “doesn’t have time” to socialize with pals, has spent 120,000 pounds (just under $157,000) on her quest to be Barbie’s number one fan, which includes having a collection of over 1,500 dolls.

32-year-old Tatiana “Tanya” Tuzova from Russia — who wants to claim the world record for the largest collection of Barbie dolls — has revealed that the demanding hobby has left her without friends.

“I don’t have friends. I have no time to be friends…………I like being alone, no-one interferes my thoughts, I like my world………….They are not interested how many kind and good things I’ve done…………They have to know my age, how many times I was married, what surgeries I had, and the color of my underwear.”

Tatiana “Tanya” Tuzova

Calamity Jane