Seymour Cassel: Dead at 84

You may not know his name as an actor, but you certainly know his face.

Seymour Cassel has died of complications from Alzheimer’s Disease.

“The character actors can have the fun, while the leading men think they have to be this object. I mean, that’s boring………The fun is in filling out a part and making it a little crazy, because everyone has a little craziness in them anyway.”

Seymour Cassel

His many films included Coogan’s Bluff (1968), The Last Tycoon(1976), Valentino (1977), California Dreaming (1979), Tin Men (1987), White Fang (1991), Honeymoon in Vegas (1992), It Could Happen to You (1994), 61* (2001), Stuck on You(2003), Beer League (2006), Reach for Me (2008) and Rockwell’s Pete Smalls Is Dead (2010)

Here’s somethin’ ya didn’t know…..

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Saul Hudson, a friend of Matt (Seymour’s son), credited the actor for giving him his nickname (that would be Slash). “Basically, he says it was because I was always in a hurry and I was always scheming, always hustling,” he said.

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