Planetary Scientists: Iron Volcano Eruptions May Have Created Metallic Asteroids

GEEZ LOUIZE!….. I HATE when that happens! </sarc>

There is a plague of bacteria on the International Space Station, turning it into a petri dish and money is being spent on studying an iron asteroid in the near reaches of outer space……. Unless that big iron fucker is gonna hit planet Earth, I don’t give a rat’s ass about it!


Metallic asteroids are thought to have started out as blobs of molten iron floating in space. As if that’s not strange enough, scientists now think that as the metal cooled and solidified, volcanoes spewing liquid iron could have erupted through a solid iron crust onto the surface of the asteroid.

“I’d never thought about it before, but it makes sense because you have a buoyant liquid beneath a dense crust, so the liquid wants to come up to the top……. In some cases it would crystallize from the center out and wouldn’t have volcanism, but some would crystallize from the top down, so you’d get a solid sheet of metal on the surface with liquid metal underneath.” 

Francis Nimmo, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences,
UC Santa Cruz

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