New OJ Film to Reveal Real Killer!

source: Daily Mail UK

The director of a new film about the sensational O.J. Simpson case says it will reveal who really killed the star’s ex-wife and prove that he was the victim of a conspiracy to convict him of the crime.

Nicole & O.J.‘s British writer-director Joshua Newton spent 18 months trawling through court documents, witness interviews and testimonies to piece together what really happened in 1994 when Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were found dead at her Los Angeles home.

Nicole & O.J. will reveal the untold circumstances leading up to the murders and why and how Nicole and Ron were killed and the cover up that followed……… All these years later, the world is still fascinated by the O.J. case and it still divides America, particularly along racial lines……. The media was assisted by prosecutors drawing on unethical means to persuade the public of his guilt because they knew their evidence would fail to persuade the jury.”

Joshua Newton

Calamity Jane