WOO-HOO! It Is National JEEP 4 X 4 Day!

Let’s get muddy!

Just so happens that the JEEP was invented in my little hometown of Butler, PA!

Bantam Reconaissance Car #1007, “Gramps”, Made by American Bantam Car Company, 1940 The world-famous “jeep” was developed in Butler, Pa. by the American Bantam Car Company. Bantam, nearing bankruptcy in early 1940, had been trying for several years to interest the Army in a small, lightweight reconaissance vehicle similar to the cars they produced. In June, with war in Europe looming, Bantam was finally able to meet with the Quartermaster Corps. In July, Bantam was awarded a contract for 70 vehicles with a pilot model due in 49 days. Harold Crist, Ralph Turner, and Chet Hempfling, with help from Detroit engineer Carl Probst, fabricated the prototype and delivered it to Camp Holabird, Maryland. After three weeks of rigorous testing, the remaining 69 trucks were ordered. Known as BRC 60s these jeeps were deployed to military installations across the country for further testing. Although Bantam successfully developed the jeep, it was deemed too small a company for massive war-time production, and the major contracts were awarded to Ford Motor Company and Willys-Overland. Bantam produced a total of 2,675 jeeps, while Ford and Willys produced over 600,000. In 1944, the oldest surviving jeep, the BRC 60 nicknamed “Gramps,” and stationed at the Jeffersonville, Indiana Quartermaster Depot, was delivered to the Smithsonian Institution to take its place with the other grear innovations in transportation. Senator John Heinz History Center

Calamity Jane used to drive a 1987 JEEP Wrangler…… LOVED IT!!!!!


Calamity Jane