Smart PJs?…….WTF?

The digital age may be goin’ a little too far with smart pajamas! Why in the bloody HELL do we want or need data generating PJs unless we are in some kinda sleep study?……… And what if ya prefer to sleep au naturel ?

“Our smart pajamas overcame numerous technical challenges………….We had to inconspicuously integrate sensing elements and portable power sources into everyday garments, while maintaining the weight, feel, comfort, function and ruggedness of familiar clothes and fabrics. We also worked with computer scientists and electrical engineers to process the myriad signals coming from the sensors so that we had clear and easy-to-understand information…………..Unlike most electronic wearables, the vapor-deposited electronic polymer films are wash-and-wear stable, and they withstand mechanically demanding textile manufacturing routines.”

Trisha L. Andrew, Ph.D.

Calamity Jane