Beer Only Fast for Lent: Cincinnati Man Loses 25 Pounds!

Can you say publicity stunt?….I knew ya could! Del Hall happens to be the Director of Sales for Fifty West Brewing.

This little “stunt” does have historical references. Beer diets and fasting were practiced by 17th century monks in Europe who looked to beer as an alternative to solid food for fasting purposes.

“It’s not about the weight loss……….It’s about the journey and learning about yourself……. I feel amazing.

Del Hall

I’ll bet he does feel amazing after drinking or eating nothing but beer for 3 weeks!

“No surprise, but a beer fast for Lent is not healthy or sustainable……….and will leave you lacking in key vitamins and minerals needed for overall health and well being, and energy needed to keep your mood buoyant and concentration sharp. And drinking so much alcohol on a daily basis will do your liver no favors…… Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it makes our kidneys make you pee much more than you take in. The water and coffee will replace some of these losses, but you are also risking dehydration and the associated effects — including skin health. Drinking too much could also irritate your digestive system, among other things.”

Helen Bond
Registered Dietitian

Calamity Jane