PA Muslim Rep: Prayer in the Name of Jesus is Islamophobic

I am so sick and tired of people like Pennsylvania State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell.

A prayer in the legislative session by State Rep
Stephanie Borowicz put the bee in Johnson-Harrell’s burka.

 “Jesus, you are our only hope. At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus, that you are Lord.”

Representative, Stephanie Borowicz

“[The prayer]……….highly offensive to me, my guests, and other members of the House……………[prayer] blatantly represented the Islamophobia that exists among some leaders — leaders that are supposed to represent the people. I came to the Capitol to help build bipartisanship and collaborations regardless of race or religion to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the Commonwealth.”

Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell

“Let me be clear. I am a Christian. I spend my Sunday mornings in church worshiping and being thankful for all that I have. But in no way does that mean I would flaunt my religion at those who worship differently than I do. There is no room in our Capitol building for actions such as this, and it’s incredibly disappointing that today’s opening prayer was so divisive.”

Jordan Harris
Pennsylvania House Minority Whip

Which “actions” are to Harris referring?…… The prayer by
Stephanie Borowicz or the words of Johnson-Harrell?

Note to Movita Johnson-Harrell:


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Calamity Jane